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Beavertail Grip for Glock

The Grip Force Adapter simulates a true "beavertail grip" for Glock which was made popular on 1911 style handguns. This innovative part allows you to grip the Glock handgun more aggressively by placing your hand higher up on the grip without fear of the slide "biting" the skin between your thumb and trigger finger. Because of this, you can control the handgun better thereby reducing recoil and muzzle flip and, hence, being able to shoot faster and more accurately. 

It will change the grip slightly in a positive way. It features aggressive checkering and a shape that, in my opinion, will improve your grip. Adds very little bulk or space to the overall factory grip. Installs in seconds using an extended trigger housing pin. 

Does not interfere with holsters or holstering. 

Available in Black or Dark Earth for either Gen 1,2,3 guns and also Gen 4 Glocks. 

Please select your gun type online or specify when ordering via telephone. Check out the installation video below for further information. 

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Gen 4 Tungsten Guide Rod

Finally, the SUPER HEAVY Tungsten Guide Rod for your Gen4 Glock are in stock and shipping. This SUPER HEAVY Tungsten Guide Rod is guaranteed to reduce felt recoil and significantly reduce muzzle flip. You will be able to shoot faster and more accurately shot to shot and target to target! 
Uses the same factory weight springs except on a tungsten body which is significantly stronger and heavier. Replaces factory plastic guide rod in seconds. 

Springs are captured on Guide Rod Assembly, completely assembled, ready to drop in and shoot. 

For Glocks 17, 22, 31, 34 & 35 
Item #T0978-A $79.95

For Glocks G19, G23 and G32 
Item #T0978-B $79.95

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Stainless Steel Guide Rod

The Glock is a wonderful gun...we all know that. But some of the parts should be changed to improve performance. The stainless steel guide rod replaces the factory plastic part and improves cycling by allowing less torque on the part. It drops in easily without any gunsmithing required. The spring is included and captured on the guide rod and should not be removed. Available for all full-sized Glock handguns. If you have the mini-Glock, order the dual spring stainless steel guide rod.

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Complete Fulcrum Trigger Kit

The fulcrum is the only glock trigger on the planet that is engineered with innovative features conveniently housed within the trigger pad, for the ultimate performance experience, in a sleek, seamless design. This unique, proprietary, fully adjustable (drop-in) trigger is cnc machined from billet 6061 t6 alum and hard anodized to withstand the affects of environmental stress and chemical exposure. The fulcrum offers both pre-travel take-up and over-travel engagement adjustments, thus providing the user with optimal control and customizability. Tuning action is achieved by two opposing, conveniently located 2/56 adjustment screws. This quality allows the user to precisely tune the feel of the trigger to his or her preferred specifications, including desired pull weight and fore and aft travel distance. The fulcrum utilizes a distinctive, spring loaded, anatomical engagement safety, which maintains full responsiveness and reliability without ever sacrificing safety. The fulcrum’s precision-machined trigger bar boasts mirror polishing on all engagement and contact surfaces. This element greatly increases the sensitivity and overall performance of the trigger. The fulcrum is compatible with all glock caliber and size formats, and is easily installed by the consumer. The dynamic features of the fulcrum allow the user to transform their stock factory glock trigger into a highly accurate, dynamic and reliable trigger system.


Set screws in front and back of the trigger to adjust over travel and pre travel.
All aluminum trigger milled out of solid billet aluminum.
Wide ergonomic trigger safety is completely flush when depressed
Very short trigger reset
LWD Polished 3.5lb Connector
Custom Light Striker Spring
Custom Stock Striker Spring
Custom Trigger Spring
Custom Polished Safety Plunger
Custom Plunger Spring
Spare set of striker spring cups
Ejector housing
All glock safeties fully functional!
Sub 2lb trigger pull
Instructions and allen key included

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Polymer Mag Well for Glocks

This innovative magwell helps you with magazine changes but does one other important thing, it helps put your hand in the right shooting grip each and every time you pick up the pistol. We've taken the time to develop a magwell that is just the right size and accepts all of the magazine extensions on the market. Other magwells on the market are too small, too big or they only accept certain mag extensions. We took the input from our shooters and our customers and designed a magwell that fits most shooters' needs.
We have two types available, one is made from aircraft grade aluminum and measures .60 inches in height. It is anodized black and is available for 9mm, .40 cal, 10mm and .45 cal Glocks. We also offer a black plastic magwell at a substaintially lower is available only for 9mm and .40 caliber Glocks. It matches perfectly with our Glock and is guaranteed to improve your grip and, hence, your shooting!

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